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Housekeeper or Floor Tech

Saluda, SC

Job Type: Full-time

Housekeeping Full-Time

Job Duties:

  • Cleans and services living areas, rooms, baths, and offices.

  • Cleans, mops, waxes, and polishes floors.

  • Dust furniture and equipment.

  • Cleans window sills, empties trash baskets, and arranges furniture and equipment in an orderly fashion.

  • Clean and polish bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, and similar equipment.

  • Washes linens, garments, drapes, and other articles in a commercial washing machine.  

  • Know just what is the proper temperature of water to use, also amount of detergent to use.  

  • Understands how to use laundry equipment.  

  • Hang finished garments on hangers and place on racks, or fold and stack garments.  

  • Pull racks to nursing units and distribute clothing to resident rooms.  

  • Perform other duties as assigned in laundry room.

Job Requirements:

  • Able to perform a variety of housecleaning functions under specific instructions and with very little need for individual supervision.

  • Adapted to repetitive cleaning operations throughout the workday.

  • Any and all other duties that the housekeeping supervisor may assign.

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